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Anna Mercury (2009)

Anna Mercury (2009)
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Summary: Warren Ellis` fiery red-head returns to once again explode into mad science-fiction action with the stellar art of Facundo Percio! A city-state from the strange superdimensional space of The Constellation sends a probe to Earth. To decide whether or not to make contact, the London office of the Constellation Project must send an agent through the fabric of the universe itself to the city of Three Souls Town, apparently populated by an oppressive society made of kidnapped humans. But that`s not how it starts. It starts with Anna Mercury, Earth`s top transuniversal explorer, UNDER RAY-GUN ATTACK IN A CITY BEYOND SPACE ITSELF!
Comic Title Anna Mercury (2009)
Publisher Avatar Press
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Warren Ellis, Facundo Percio
Genres action, adventure, leading ladies, sci-fi
Publication Run 2009
Status completed
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