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Arkham Asylum Madness

Arkham Asylum Madness
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Summary: At 5:45am, the story begins with narration from the Joker describing a rusty, decayed bathtub called “Old Red,” located in a field outside of Arkham Asylum. Sabine Robbins, a nurse at Arkham Asylum, is being driven to work by her husband, while her young son, Oswald “Ozzie” Robbins, joins them for the ride. Sabine explains to her son that Arkham Asylum is a hospital where they make people better and not a jail for “freaky guys Batman puts away.” Ozzie thinks that it must be cool to see famous people like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Joker.
Comic Title Arkham Asylum Madness
Publisher DC Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Sam Kieth, Michelle Madsen, Dave Stewart
Genres crime, detective, psychological, superhero
Publication Run 2010
Status completed
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