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Ghost Racers (2015)

Ghost Racers (2015)
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Summary: FURIOUS RACE FROM HELL IN A BLAZING ARENA OF HORROR!!! Welcome to the scorching-hot track where cursed souls race at the speed of sin, anything and everything goes and the only rule is no rule--it`s the spectacle known as the GHOST RACES; the most hellish `entertainment` known to BATTLEWORLD! 1st place prize: Temporary freedom from the ARENA, but what happens to the unlucky and unholy losers? It`s all-out, high-speed warfare among the most bizarre and vicious GHOST RIDERS of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Expect MANY familiar SKULLS!!
Comic Title Ghost Racers (2015)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Felipe Smith, Juan Gedeon
Genres action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi
Publication Run 2015
Status completed
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