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Marley's Ghost

Marley's Ghost
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Summary: Marley`s Ghost is the posthumous completion of legendary creator Harvey Kurtzman`s adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens` novel—A Christmas Carol. Kurztman`s ambitious concept for Marley`s Ghost began in the 1950s—as an early `graphic novel`—but was never realized. Now, over 60 years later, writers Josh O`Neill and Shannon Wheeler expand upon Kurtzman`s extensive adaptation notes while illustrator Gideon Kendall`s outstanding artwork utilizes Kurtzman`s breakdowns and stylistic choices to make this long-lost vision a reality!
Comic Title Marley's Ghost
Publisher H.Kurtz
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Harvey Kurtzman, Josh O'Neill, Shannon Wheeler, Gideon Kendall
Genres comedy, fantasy, horror
Publication Run 2017
Status ongoing
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  • Marleys Ghost (2017)
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