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Scales And Scoundrels

Scales And Scoundrels
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Summary: It`s hard to make an honest living in a land brimming with magic and mystery, and treasure hunter Luvander is tired of being a penniless adventurer. Ever in search of gold and glory, she sets off for a fabled dungeon, `the Dragon`s Maw,` an ancient labyrinth, at the bottom of which slumbers endless wealth…or certain doom! But what starts out as a road to riches becomes the first step on an epic journey to destiny, for Luvander holds a secret in her heart that will shatter the chains of fate and bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness.
Comic Title Scales And Scoundrels
Publisher Image Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Sebastian Girner, Galaad
Genres action, adventure, fantasy
Publication Run 2017
Status ongoing
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