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Spider Man 2099 (2015)

Spider Man 2099 (2015)
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Summary: With a job at PARKER INDUSTRIES, a stable relationship, and uncertain of what impact his actions will have on the future, has decided that it`s time to hang up the webs and retire from being Spider-Man. But when a dangerous new threat appears and puts his new life in jeopardy, he`s got no choice but to don some new threads and tackle the problem the only way he knows how: head on! By the webslinging wonders Peter David and Will Sliney (you know `em, you love `em.) this is one EXPLOSIVE Spider-Title you won`t want to miss.
Comic Title Spider Man 2099 (2015)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Peter David, Will Sliney
Genres action, adventure, fantasy
Publication Run 2015
Status ongoing
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