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Spider-Women: Alpha

Spider-Women: Alpha
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Summary: The Spider-Event of 2016 is here, bringing SPIDER-GWEN, SILK and SPIDER-WOMAN together for a story too big for any one of their books! Spider-Woman is taking a mentor-role with Silk and Spider-Gwen, and the three spider-heroes take a brunch break on Gwen`s Earth-65. But when the nefarious spy organization S.I.L.K. and their leader (Earth-65`s Cindy Moon) notice the interdimensional interlopers, all of Jessica Drew`s plans go wrong.
Comic Title Spider-Women: Alpha
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Robbie Thompson, Vanesa R. Del Rey
Genres action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi
Publication Run 2016
Status ongoing
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