life sucks


Yamato is ready for a fresh start. So when his aunt invites him to stay rent-free in her big-city boarding house in hustling, bustling Tokyo, Yamato jumps at the chance. There’s just one teensy-weensy catch: It’s an all-girl housing complex and spa! Things get even more nerve-racking when Yamato meets his neighbor Suzuka, a beautiful track-and-field star. She’s not just the cutest girl Yamato’s ever met, she’s also the coolest, the smartest, and the most intimidating. Can an ordinary guy like Yamato ever hope to win over a girl like Suzuka?


Hori is your average teenage girl... who has a side she wants no one else to ever find out about. Then there's her classmate Miyamura, your average glasses-wearing boy in school and a totally different person out. When the two meet unexpectedly, they discover each others' secrets and develop an unexpected friendship.

Hatsukoi Zombie

According to his childhood friend, Tarou Kurume is not interested in love. One day Tarou is struck on his head by a ball rendering him unconscious. When he wakes up, there`s a girl floating above him. What has happened to Tarou? Who is this mysterious girl? Find out in this one of a kind romantic comedy series!";


  • Comic Title: Cellies
  • Publisher: Roar Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: David Steward II, Joe Flood, Dave Scheidt
  • Genres: comedy, life sucks
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: It`s Halloween season, when Seven Sails theme park`s Shocktober Nights rule! Budding teen rebel Rey decides to ditch work to join her friends for spooky fun, and asks Devin to cover for her. One thing though: Rey`s parents are a little (read: very) strict! Devin must wait for Rey to rush to Jog Mobile by 9pm – after closing – in time for her parents to pick her up. But Parker and her friends have other plans. Will Rey make it back in time? Can Devin keep her out of trouble?

Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity

  • Comic Title: Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity
  • Publisher: Boom! Studios
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Tayla Perper, Queenie Chan
  • Genres: adventure, comedy, life sucks, sci-fi
  • Publication Run: 2017
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: Beach City gets even weirder in this all-new Steven Universe original graphic novel. As electric disturbances begin causing objects to mysteriously hover all around town, The Gems travel to the Moon Base and back to figure out how to solve the problem and figure out who is causing it.

Yume De Aetara

Fuguno Masuo is a hapless 24 year-old businessman who is unlucky in love, He`s never even had a girlfriend! After consulting a fortune teller, Masuo believes he`ll never have a chance in love. All that changes when he meets the beautiful Nagisa Shiozaki at a marriage interview pub, who herself has had the same poor luck with guys. Now he`ll do anything to woo the girl, but he`ll have to fend off other suitors and the affections of a co-worker, all while keeping himself out of awkward situations that always end badly for him.";

We Are The Danger

  • Comic Title: We Are The Danger
  • Publisher: Black Mask Studios
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Fabian Lelay, Claudia Aguirre, Taylor Esposito
  • Genres: drama, life sucks
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: Starting as the new girl in your senior year of high school is never easy, and Julie Malliari is having a terrible first day— until she meets Tabitha. After a night out at a rock show, their friendship quickly grows and, before they know it, the two form a band with their sights set on a record deal… they just need to win it in a nationwide Battle of the Bands competition. With Tabitha`s rival keen to take the prize for herself, it`s a battle not to be missed…

The Troublemakers

  • Comic Title: The Troublemakers
  • Publisher: Valiant Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Fabian Nicieza, Kenny Martinez, Anibal Rodriguez, Atomic Paintbrush
  • Genres: action, adventure, life sucks, sci-fi
  • Publication Run: 1997
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: For seventy years, Galloway & Galloway has dominated the pharmaceutical field. From band aids to cough syrup, G&G made life easier for all of us. Then they decided to make life itself. In the early `80s, G&G created the next step in evolution -- a race of genetically engineered superhumans, each bred with specifically endowed enhanced abilities. But the company -- and the G&G employees who volunteered to be the test subject`s parents -- never took into account one very important thing -- puberty! XL! BLUR! CALAMITY! REBOUND! They live the life most kids would love to have...and they`d be more than happy to trade with you!

Rick And Morty Presents The Vindicators

  • Comic Title: Rick And Morty Presents The Vindicators
  • Publisher: Oni Press
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: J. Torres, CJ Cannon, Nick Filardi
  • Genres: comedy, life sucks
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: Read in amazement as the superhero team travels through dimensions to recruit other heroes to defeat a villain of their own making. Gasp in shock and awe as the plot twists and previously irrelevant characters revive from the dead! Frown in frustration as you forget the complicated backstory of suddenly important mythic items! And most of all... WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

Mumbai Confidential

  • Comic Title: Mumbai Confidential
  • Publisher: Archaia Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Saurav Mohapatra, Vivek Shinde
  • Genres: crime, life sucks
  • Publication Run: 2013
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: `Good Cop, Bad Cop` follows the story of Arjun Kadam, a washed-out, drug-addicted ex-cop in Mumbai, as he tries to solve the murder of a street urchin. His investigation brings him face to face with his own murky past as a member of the Encounter Squad of the Mumbai Police.[4] The story begins in media res at the chronological end as Kadam is involved in a bloody shoot-out in the alleys of the Dharavi slums.[10][11] A series of flashbacks follow his tale as he navigates the Mumbai Underworld, forming alliances with gangsters against his former colleagues, the Encounter Cops.