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I Hate Fairyland (2015)

I Hate Fairyland (2015)
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Summary: In an adventure that ain`t for the little kiddies, (unless you have super cool parents, then whatever), you`ll meet Gert—a six year old girl who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for thirty years and will hack and slash her way through anything to find her way back home. Join Gert and her giant battle-axe on a delightfully blood soaked journey to see who will survive the girl who HATES FAIRYLAND.
Comic Title I Hate Fairyland (2015)
Publisher Image Comics
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Skottie Young, Brandon Graham, Brett B Bean, Erin Hunting, Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Genres adventure, comedy, life sucks
Publication Run 2015
Status ongoing
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