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See-Ta The Savage

See-Ta The Savage
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Summary: In this incredible and gorgeous two-issue miniseries, Edgar Rice Burrough`s Caspak comes to life in all of its prehistoric glory. Hidden from the world behind a time-warping veil, Caspak is an island continent filled with rampaging, flesheating dinosaurs, where death comes calling in a million different ways. Navigating her way through the primordial landscape, the amazing cave woman See-Ta has found that something is amiss in the island`s delicate ecosystem, a change that could upend the entire balance of predators and prey and plunge Caspak into chaos. Based on the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT: SEE-TA THE SAVAGE builds upon the Caspak Trilogy and includes cameos by some of the novels` most beloved characters.
Comic Title See-Ta The Savage
Publisher American Mythology Productions
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Mike Wolfer
Genres leading ladies, sci-fi
Publication Run 2018
Status ongoing
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